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What is Gamma Knife?

The Gamma Knife is a form of stereotactic radiosurgery used to treat brain tumours and brain abnormalies such as vascular malformations without the need for open surgery.

Although it was named Gamma Knife, it uses gamma rays instead of a surgical knife. Computer-planned finely collimated gamma-rays are precisely focused at the target in the brain without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues. It is performed as an outpatient surgery procedure and the patient can return home the same day after treatment.

Benefits of Gamma Knife Treatment

1. Non-invasive
It is a non-invasive surgery. The gamma-rays are focused at the abnormal lesion with very minimal spill over radiation to the adjacent normal tissues.

2. Good Results with high degree of Safety
The treatment gives very good results comparable or superior to conventional open surgery with no risk of bleeding or infection. It also has a much lower risk of morbidity and mortality compared to open surgery.

3. Shorter Hospital Stay
Treatment is usually done as a day surgery procedure. Hospital stay, if any, would be overnight at the most. By comparison, conventional surgery would require 1-2 days of intensive care stay, with 7-14 days of hospitalisation (depending on the case).

4. Faster Recovery
Patients undergoing Gamma Knife treatment can return to their pre-operative lifestyle almost immediately, compared to 4-6 weeks of convalescence required for those who undergo conventional surgery.